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Richard Gatley has worked with individuals and couples with relationship issues for almost fifty years. A Phi Beta Kappa, he holds a B.A. with honors from University of California, Berkeley, and an M.A. and Ph.D. from Michigan State University. As an Associate Professor, Dr. Gatley held joint appointments in Psychology and the Psychological Service Centre at the University of Manitoba, where he helped to establish an American Psychological Association approved program in Clinical Psychology.

Returning to the United States, Dr. Gatley co-founded the Department of Psychiatry at Kaiser Permanente Medical Center, in Santa Rosa, California, serving for many years as Chief Psychologist. He is now a licensed Clinical Psychologist in private practice on the North Shore of Clear Lake, California. Since his recent marriage to high school classmate, Laura Rose Gatley, sixty years after their graduation, Dr. Gatley is happily discovering how much more he has to learn about women!

Co-author of Single Father’s Handbook: A Guide for Separated and Divorced Fathers (Anchor/Doubleday), Dr. Gatley has appeared on San Francisco Bay Area television shows, and led relationship workshops in Winnipeg, Canada, and throughout Northern California.


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