Men find this funny not only because it expresses a certain wistful disappointment with Eve, but also because it points with irony to the part man plays in his own undoing. Men are forever stumbling into the most horrifying predicaments with the women they love. Like Charlie Brown, they blunder over and over again into the same situations without knowing why. Repeated failures to “fix” the problem lead to the inevitable conclusion that women are crazy. That’s why men try their damnedest to avoid trouble as much as possible. Unfortunately, this strategy leads women to draw their own conclusion — that men are social morons who don’t care about relationships.
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The Awesome Invitation

“WE HAVE TO TALK.” These are four of the scariest words in the English language. A man shudders when he hears them. He looks wildly about for a place to hide but the woman who stalks him is unrelenting. Her eyes pierce his flimsy defenses, penetrate his evasions, and hold him trembling in her sights.
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The Pursuit of Understanding

Watch a man’s eyes when he is listening to a woman speak. Unless he’s still courting her, you’ll see his eyes leave hers within about five seconds! (Sometimes, you may also see them turn heavenward for help.) A man is apt to begin thinking about something other than what his wife is talking about to distract himself from going crazy trying to follow her. If he does catch something she says, he may counter it quietly in his mind, although sometimes, fool that he may be, he may do so out loud.
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